Welcome to Blue By You!

We always admire and are curious to hear the stories behind different businesses and accounts.... so in honor of Shop Small Saturday we thought we'd share a little about the story behind Blue By You.

Blue By You is a mother and daughter owned business out of New Braunfels, Tx. Our love for turquoise and Native American jewelry began as we admired different pieces worn, as we traveled around Texas for Stockshows. As our time showing lambs and goats came to an end, we found ourselves with more free time and missing our adventures on the road, traveling to sales and shows.......  

Somewhere in the midst of these busy years, I happened upon a ring, given to me by my Grandmother when I was a girl.  Long forgotten and never worn because it was too large for me at the time it was given, placed away as a keepsake, it now fit and an interest was sparked.  We began to take an interest in the story behind the ring and behind the turquoise pieces we saw.  

On our first buying adventure, we found a similar ring that fit my daughter perfectly, and some other interesting pieces, with stories of their own.  This was the beginning of Blue By You. The time we spent taking care of and showing animals, was soon filled with a passion for vintage Native American Jewelry.

We continue to search for vintage pieces mixed with some new. We are inspired by the beauty, artistry and history of the hand made Native American jewelry industry, from the Fred Harvey Era to today's amazing contemporary pieces.

We encourage you to find the beauty and meaning in the things that you do, in the items that you purchase and in the gifts that you give this Holiday Season and beyond. 

We are so appreciative of all of our loyal customers who have made Blue By You possible thus far! Thanks for shopping small and thanks for shopping Blue By You!